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Software Design, Website Design, UX, UI

DeepKeep's Cyber security scalable and reliable AI/ML deployments.

Spark Design collaborated with DeepKeep to design a user-friendly software interface and demo website for MLProtect, DeepKeep's AI-driven solution for data scientists, MLOps, and IT professionals.

MLProtect offers seamless integration with various tools to provide automatic security, visibility, and control over the health of machine learning models in production.

Our design helps users easily identify threats and see them rectified, ensuring that their models are secure and functioning optimally.

We chose the versatile Helvetica font for DeepKeep's design, allowing it to be seamlessly implemented in both software screens and graphic layouts.

The labryinth-shaped D in the DeepKeep logo symbolizes the complexity and maze-like nature of data security, reflecting the company's focus on providing integrated tools to protect machine learning models in production.


We tested the Deepkeepā€™s branding on various products to check that it can provide a flexible dynamic solution for the Software , website and company giveaways.


The D logo resonates in various locations in the brand Kit.

We used a dark theme with neon highlight to signify that this product is analytical and from the future.

Spark Complemented the Software with simple Illustrations to delight users

Onboarding wizards help keep clients engaged when providing long forms

Deepkeep's Store provides a variety of cybersecurity applications