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Trinity Audio
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Trinity Audio -a world of audio experiences for your readers

As SPARK design agency, we partnered with Viridix, an agritech company, in 2022 to develop a user-centered precision irrigation system powered by real-time soil moisture sensors and optimized for UX/UI. Our innovative solution helps growers save water, increase crop yields, and improve profits.

Improving conversion with better affordance

We helped Trinity Audio Improve their conversion by 24% ,  our first focus was changing the affordance of the button raising conversion by 8%.

We added a call to action Don’t have time to read? listen instead explaining the value proposition.

As SPARK, we worked on embedding Trinity Audio's widget into the native design of articles to make it look like a natural part of the page and differentiate it from Google advertisements. This approach resulted in increased engagement and a higher conversion rate for the app.

Using customer Journey maps for Trinity audio to find opportunities to increase customer engagement

AB Testing Various Design solutions for the Trinity Audio widget


Trinity Audio has gained widespread adoption among companies and news agencies worldwide, including Newsweek, Lenovo, Miami Herald, Variety, Nissan, and many others.

We continue to innovate with Trinity Audio to enhance their ROI