Marketing Materials, Logo Design
Marketing Materials, Logo, Brochure, One pager

Sonol -Electric Vehicle Solutions

Sonol EVI provides solutions for Electric Vehicles in Israel. With many years of experience in electrical projects, operational innovation and a total commitment to service, Sonol EVI drives the Electric Vehicles revolution in Israel, providing a wide range of charging solutions for EVs and PHEVs.

Spark was hired to work on Sonol EVI’s branding  including Logo Design, product catalogs, presentations and images. our challenge was to create a new brand that resonates with the original mother brand.

Sonol EVI - Presentation

Sonol EVI Proposal

Sonol EVI Presentation

We were tasked with creating a product catalog that is related to the mother brand an yet looks comtemprary.

Marketing Presentation


SPARK wanted to create an identity for EVI That is closely related with the mother brand that has a Flower logo (So Good flower) The EVI brand colors and logo design combines combines the Smiley + Electric plug icon to create positive impression while keeping a consistency with the mother brand.