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Innovesta Technologies Ltd. is a FinTech company enabling traders, supply chain managers, investors and financial professionals to make better and smarter business decisions. Innovesta is the leading AI platform, collecting and analyzing millions of open-source data points to: Uncover correlations, Optimize predictions & Reveal the hidden stories behind assets and companies.

Innovesta had an MVP but needed to go to the next level with a brand identity that highlights their DNA and looks impressive.The design team dug deep into the core of innovesta to create a signature DNA finger print for the innodex(TM) score. Innovesta's dashboard is about Actionable data that is also inspiring to look at.

THe InnoDex

The Innodex is a unique scoring system that creates buzz around companies. It provides a specific score designed to reflect a company's unique DNA.

We used a dark theme with neon highlight to signify that this product is analytical and from the future.


At SPARK, we added growth features to the Innovesta dashboard, including crowd opinion, to increase daily engagement and retention. By enabling users to see the opinions and actions of other investors, we created a sense of community and social proof, which led to increased engagement and retention. This feature also allowed users to gain insights into market trends and make informed investment decisions.