Viridix Software solution
Software Design
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Viridix - Boost your farming efficiency with

As SPARK design agency, we partnered with Viridix, an agritech company, in 2022 to develop a user-centered precision irrigation system powered by real-time soil moisture sensors and optimized for UX/UI. Our innovative solution helps growers save water, increase crop yields, and improve profits.

Viridix Software solution


Viridix Dashboards are designed to provide farmers with real-time, actionable data about crop health, weather changes, and a comprehensive overview of what's happening below ground level, where the naked eye can't see.

Our focus is on delivering insights that enable farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and crop management, ultimately optimizing their agricultural processes for maximum yield and profitability.

Viridix Software solution
Viridix App By Spark

Mobile APP

SPARK design agency worked with Viridix to develop an app for daily farm management. The main screen provides a quick overview of field status using a Traffic Light system, empowering farmers to take immediate action on crop irrigation changes. Our user-centric design ensures farmers stay informed and proactive for optimal crop health and yield.

Viridix Dashboard by spark

An effective dashboard gives a birds eye view of the current status and drives action

Viridix Mobile app by spark

SPARK designed the Viridix mobile app to keep users updated and provide concise,  crop health, weather changes, and other relevant information using  rich data cards