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UTurn- Sell online returns before they are shipped back

Uturn is an innovative platform that enables retailers to resell their online returns before they are shipped back, delivering higher ROI per returned item and eliminating environmental waste. As a design agency, we provided a turnkey solution for Uturn, including branding, software design, ecommerce widgets, marketing materials, and videos. Our expertise and collaboration with Uturn showcase our ability to create successful products from scratch.

UTurn Style Guide

Uturn Logo DeSign

UTurn's logo is inspired by the idea of returns being shipped directly to the next client, rather than to the warehouse. The letters of the logo are built from the letter U, and two dots are added to represent the capturing of returns. This design is used in animations to demonstrate how UTurn resells returned products to the next buyer.

Uturn Logo

We used a modern green color palette for Uturn to complement their sustainable solution, which was accented with pink and off-white.

UTurn Logo
UTurn Branding


We tested the Uturn branding on various products to check that it can provide a flexible dynamic solution for the Software , website and company giveaways.

UTurn Branding - Bag
UTurn responsive design

Responsive Layouts

We designed Uturn to be mobile-responsive, with 50% of users visiting from mobile devices. This ensured that the platform was accessible and easy to use on any device, without compromising on the overall user experience.

Uturn’s website energizes users with excitement and drives new users to the software ,the websites is focused on the value proposition, features and benefits.

Uturn website hero image

We designed the UTurn website to be both energizing and engaging, encouraging users to explore and interact with the platform.

uturn Widgets
uturn widgets

UTurn Responsive layouts.

Uturn seamless integration
Uturn seamless integration

Uturn Contact form

Uturn contact us

Uturn's software is minimalistic and provides clear returns status and control over products/rules, prioritizing usability.

uturn login
uturn dashboard

Uturn combines simplified widgets and photography to showcase its usability and real-life application.

Uturn product page

uturn marketing materials

For Uturn's marketing materials, we created simplified versions of the widgets that are less detailed.

uturn decorative image
uturn smart  integration

Uturn marketing materials

The Marketing materials Imagery is more inspirational and Conveys the essence of the product.

Uturn software homepage

uturn desktop
Mobile app widget
uturn mobile app widget


A vital part of Uturn’s echo-system are delightful notifications that encourage users to keep the product for several days until a buyer can be found.


We Create small illustrations to support the brands messages

uturn mobile app widget
uturn mobile app widget