Brain Buzz

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BrainBuzz is the first freemium social app for competitive brain games, puzzles, and brain teasers. It offers players the ability to compete against each other in 1-on-1 brain battles.

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Working with Brain Buzz CEO we rebuilt the UX architecture, enhancing the graphic appeal with amazing illustrations.

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The Value of high-end illustrations

Using Expert illustrators we created a robotic world that injects that app

with whimsical delight. The robots representing the Brainbuzz brainiac community, compete with each other for glory.

“I have been working with Amichai and his studio for the last 1.5 years. Amichai is very professional and his studio produces great work. Aside from having a sharp eye, Amichai tends to go one step beyond typical artwork and to truly understand the business objectives of the project.”
Oded Pelled

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