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Gear was one of the first large car magazines in Israel. As competition was emerging it became vital to update the design give Gear.co.il a competitive contemporary look.

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SPARK's Branding Strategy and Expert UX UI created a brand new look for Gear.co.il . The new UX of Gear.co.il puts them in the for-front of car magazines.

Using a User Centered Design approach and Personas we create new customer journeys and built the product to meet both business goals and customer needs.

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Rebranding an website to gain a competitive edge

The www.Gear.co.il leadership are first and foremost car lovers. Cars are art - we wanted the site to be about the love of cars a moment when art and exceptional mechanics meet.This idea was the driving force and we aimed to strike a balance between art and laser-focused functionality. the Ux of gear takes complex ideas and simplifies them while the UI creates a feeling of immersion.

One person's car is another person's scenery.
jonathan ive
One person's car is another person's scenery.
jonathan ive

WWW.gear.co.il Branding

www.gear.co.il  branding is about Beauty and Precision, we created a design system that could be used across multiple pages with very different functionality.

We wanted each page to celebrate the beauty of the car - The Image of the car and the data that is folded into very clean structures - you only see the data that is needed and can drill deeper.

Responsive Design

The site is built for responsive use. Each screen was designed for all sizes, to make sure it looks awesome on all platforms. This approach is critical a none responsive website can lose 25-50% of it's traffic do to bad performance.

Gears mobile version was tested again and again to make sure that is as good as it is for web.

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