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The leading commerce platform for sales and distribution of consumer goods. We where tasked with building an E-commerce platform for sales distribution. that will give them a competitive advantage over existing products.

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A new Modern dashboard that is  focused on actionable insights. The new platform keeps mobisoft relevant for their clients.

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Turning custom solutions into scalable products

Many Saas companies build their line of products as a response to customer needs, but these products are often not refined or resellable. Each product has a different UI, we worked to unify Mobisoft various solutions to a unified product. This soon turned out to be the new competitive advantage and a key factor in new customer acquisition.

“Amichai is an excellent professional with a vast knowledge in digital design. It was a pleasure working with him on several UX and UI projects in the last years. He always provided the added value with a cutting-edge thinking, helping us to bring the most user intuitive products to market. Would recommend anyone to work with Amichai any time! .”
Matan Holander

Building For Scalability

Many companies have to customize their products to match the clients existing process. this often leads to special tailored solutions that aren’t scalable. Building the questionnaire generator we focused on a platform that can generate a multitude of questionnaires , new features would be added to the tool box. In this way the company only supports one tool that fits all.

Team Work

At Spark we always value pay attention to the end users the people that interact with our products on a daily basis. They always have insights into the user flows. We research the use cases and then test our assumptions using prototypes before development and production. This process can bring down development time and production costs dramatically, as many of the problems can be considered in the prototype phaze.

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