QSee Dashboard

Qsee 4.0 Quality Control AI delivers predictive insights for better quality and less downtime.

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Qsee 4.0 Quality Control delivers predictive insights for better quality and less downtime. This powerful product can generate up to 15% more income for it prospective clients, yet the existing solution was not making sales the product was not developed enough for real use.

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The new Innovative Dashboard Delivers the promise of a tapping into new insights, and generating meaningful reports.  New clients were willing to jump on board and do trials with the new product.

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Spark redesigned the Qsee Dashboard to deliver on its promise. The new dashboard gave actionable insights for managers, they could now focus on the main contributors to the production line problems generating a dramatic improvement of 5-15% in productivity.  After the launch of the dashboard in Jan 2019, there was an immediate improvement in metrics. A dramatic 30% rise in sales.

“Amichai expertise coupled with his collaborative and innovative spirit made him the go-to expert for our most significant project. He single-handedly took our current solution experience from ordinary solution to a very unique and innovative experience by using forward-thinking strategies.“
Rami Levi, Qsee

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