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Qsee 4.0 Quality Control AI delivers predictive insights for better quality and less downtime.

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Qsee 4.0 Quality Control delivers predictive insights for better quality and less downtime.
this powerful product can generate up to 15% more income for it prospective clients - they felt that the website did not convey the vision of a 2019 smart solution for the industry. The original website was dated and to complex.

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Spark helped Qsee focused their brand and marketing strategy, aligning the Website messages and Identity to communicate the company values of a fresh trustworthy new technology.

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Focus on the value proposition.

In the Strategy Workshop we uncovered the brands unique offers - addressing the main pains of Manufacturers - Reducing Downtime ,Taking Preventive Action, And Enhancing Team Collaboration.

the new brand Identity incorporates Trust, Innovation & Intelligence.

“Amichai’s team is always detail-oriented, organized and open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship both effortless and pleasant. Spark has remarkable creativity and dedication. I am confident that they would take any business driven design efforts to new heights.”
Rami Refaeli, Qsee CEO

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