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The pro air asthma app is one of Teva’s first FDA Approved Medical App’s that have passed vigorous regulations and tests. A groundbreaking product that launches TEVA into the digital age

A Leapstart Spark Creations Collaboration

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Create an app for Teva’s respiratory inhaler that will be used in conjunction with the smart inhaler.

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Building a medical APP

Working Closely with the Teva team of doctors and FDA Specialists we translated strict requirements into a viable product.

Medical Apps Require a deep understanding of FDA regulations. To approve a medical device, every aspect of the app needs to go through a specialist advisory board.

“This approval marks a significant milestone not only for Teva but for the respiratory community as it allows patients and their caregivers to better understand inhaler usage through digital technology. Teva recognizes the importance of integrating technology into patient care, and we are very proud to lead the way with the approval of ProAir Digihaler ”
Teva Executive VP, Global Marketing & Portfolio, Sven Dethlefs

Branding Strategy

Our Strategy was to build two version of the APP - a minimal product for FDA Approval and an optimal product. We focused on retention and build a companion ‘tamaguchi’ caricature that gives you insights on your condition, we explored various caricatures and possible skins. this balance between time to market and vision helps

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