A Multiplatform Panel App, Website & Extension.

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UpVoice is a paid panel app that allows the to gather social app usage data. Our goals was to inspire trust in the users, so they would feel secure sharing anonymous information.

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Our marketing strategy was to build trust by greeting the users with a friendly face - t’s all about being human fun and energetic. We winked at the privacy with a witty shhh and a smile.

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Dealing with the elephant in the room…

In our Strategy meetings with Brand total - the company behind UpVoice,

Sagi the BD asked “how can we get our users to trust us, we are a relatively new company…?” Amichai Replied “People you trust are transparent, Social and friendly. They are your family and friends” - In that moment it became clear what the  branding of Up Voice is aiming for!

“At BrandTotal, we employed Spark Creations to help us design 3 consumer apps. Amichai and his team took full ownership of the UX/UI and quickly became an integral part of BrandTotal. Their work was very professional and always on time. Beyond Amichai's deep expertise, what I specifically appreciated was his relentless pursuit of performance optimization that led to applying routine design changes to meet business goals.”
Sagi Katz

Testing usability flows

Spark's UX team take time to build prototypes and test the design before a single line of code it done.

This process helps us better understand the flaws in the design and get user feedback before jumping into development.

By iterating in the design stage we can save valuable time and money in the process to reach market fit.

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