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CHALLENGE sells Properties, Lands &  investment projects online. The site they had did not create any traction infact it had a 90% bounce rate.

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The new website quickly gained a user base
And presented all the needed information to close the deal.

Us Properties saw a dramatic improvement in bounce rate and 24% in sales

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US Properties Rebranding

Us properties website was not working bounce rates were at 90% and it was generating 0% leads. In the strategy phase, Spark researched UX models with proven success. Our goal was to make Us Properties the Airbnb of property sales.

Soon after the new site was launched ,the bounce rates improved dramatically and leads where coming in daily.

“We had a blurry vision of what US properties would look like. That’s why we surrounded ourselves with experts. The professionals at Spark Creations were incredibly creative and good at listening. They brought our aspirations to life perfectly.”
Nir Katsiri

The customer journey & user experience

The new US Properties user experience was focused on the customer's journey. In the strategy workshop we mapped the decision funnel and later build a UX flow that helps users Explore, Align & Get Informed. These three values help build trust and generate more sales.Soon after the new site was up bounce rates improved 80% and leads where coming in daily.

How design helps in generating sales

A website is a digital salesman machine, a good salesman solves a customers pain or problem, by aligning to their expectations, providing insights and gaining the customers trust. It needs to enable the user to take action by providing all the needed information , it also needs to project a feeling of stability and trust.

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