Medical Device
Software Design, UX, UI, Wire-frames, Design Strategy, Branding

Bariks - portable, foldable light, hyperbaric chamber

SPARK design agency partnered with Bariks to design their medical device interface for their innovative field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). The foldable, portable light hyperbaric chamber is a unique technology developed by top-tier Israeli engineers and is fully patented. Our design focuses on presenting Bariks as a cutting-edge brand through a modern design theme and an emphasis on information hierarchy. The Bariks chambers are expected to hit the market in Q4 of 2023 after five years of development.

Neomorphism is a design trend that has gained popularity in recent years, characterized by a realistic 3D effect that mimics physical objects.


At Bariks, we integrated neomorphism into the design of our medical devices interface to create a modern, cutting-edge look that enhances the user experience.

A graph representing the Atmospheric pressure plan for the Bariks oxigen chamber